What Is Wellness?

You may have heard the phrase “health and wellness” before. While health is clear enough to define, do you know what “wellness” entails? In fact, many people are unaware just what we refer to when we use this term. That’s because wellness has many facets to it. Let us take a look at what wellness truly means!

Definition: Wellness is, in truth, a term with ancient roots. However, the core has stayed consistent throughout time. Wellness is the act of pursuing a lifestyle that achieves a state of holistic health. Essentially, wellness is a process or a journey: it is an active choice to always be striving for your highest potential in all areas of your life.

Facets Of Wellness

With that in mind, we can look at the many facets of wellness.


First and foremost, physical wellness is a major component of achieving wellness as a whole. Physical wellness affects all other areas of your life as well: mental, spiritual, and more. Your health and your body are a way to find harmony in other aspects of your life. This is achieved through physical activities, nutrition, and more. 


A healthy body needs a healthy mind as well. Mental wellness is achieved through open-mindedness, creativity, and always striving to continue learning. This helps us become well-rounded, healthy, well individuals. Eliminating life’s stressors also plays a large role.


We should always be striving to be aware of and in touch with our feelings. Emotional wellness leads us to better understanding who we are. Practicing reflection, gratitude, and kindness help achieve emotional wellness.


Spiritual wellness refers to our purpose in life, principles, and finding meaning in our day-to-day journey. This can be nurtured through faith, beliefs, meditation, and more. Our inner selves are just as important as our physical selves.


Social wellness focuses on our relationship to those around us: our friends, families, and communities. This builds our communication, problem-solving, and team-building skills. By focusing on our social needs as well as our social boundaries, we achieve social wellness.


We all play a role in how the environment is treated. Environmental wellness focuses on a healthy relationship and respect for nature, and a desire to protect and nurture it. Recycling, using reusable products, and occasionally unplugging can help grow environmental wellness. Some would call it nature therapy to refresh your mind.

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