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  • 750 S Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009
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  • CAFE:
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Chiropractic How We Help

Types of Massage Therapy

Almost everyone wouldn’t mind the intense pampering that comes with a full body massage. After a long day of running around combined with emotional stress while carrying out our activities, massage therapy provides soothing relief for the mind, body, and spirit. However, this ancient form of healing done in a massage and spa facility comes in different types.


Full Body Massages for Maximum Body Relief

A full body massage can also be a therapeutic massage working the areas of the body like the back, soulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck. Your body will feel relieved with less stress and tension after a full body massage.

If there are specific areas of tension or certain areas on your body that are giving you problems – like a strained neck or a tension headache – let our massage therapist know so they can focus on relieving discomfort in those areas.
Just as the name suggests, a prenatal massage is majorly for pregnant women. This unique massage technique is great for helping pregnant women ease muscle tension and reduce body aches associated with pregnancy. The great thing about prenatal massages is that they are considered safe enough to be used at any stage of the pregnancy.

However, due to the risk of miscarriages during the first trimester, a lot of massage facilities prefer not to give massages during this time. Our massage therapists use mild pressure to focus on areas such as the legs, hips, and lower backs. So, pregnant women can get a prenatal massage that lasts about an hour to experience mild tension relief and relax the body.
When you receive a sports massage, you’re receiving a combination of multiple massage techniques including myofascial release, Active Isolated Stretching, and general muscle flushing to name a few. Our massage therapist will work with you on stretching and range of motion exercises that help decrease the build up of lactic acid while promoting healthy muscle tone.

A Sports Massage is a great way to help during athletic recovery and has been shown to improve performance. Our sports massages are as unique as you are, so be as forthcoming with our massage therapist on your athletics as possible.
A therapeutic massage is a term used to describe any massage that helps reduce stress, relieve tension and pain, and work on problem areas. A therapeutic massage doesn’t have to be a deep tissue massage – which is stronger in nature. While it can be relaxing, therapeutic massages are meant to help restore your body’s function to its normal use while decreasing stress and tension.
Deep tissue massage works great for chronic muscle problems, including imbalance, injury, and soreness. Since this massage type involves a lot of pressure, our massage therapists use this to unknot those tight muscle spots. Despite its intensity, it doesn’t lead to soreness. It will instead provide relief for anxiety as the massage therapist uses deep finger pressure and slow strokes. If you have had a pretty stressful week where your body is really tensed up, get a deep tissue massage that goes deep into the layers of your connective tissues and muscles. Whichever you are comfortable with, you can put on underwear or be naked during the massage.
If you desire a more active form of massage therapy that will relieve stress and pain, then a Thai massage is an excellent option. This massage type works by stretching your body while providing soothing relief through a thorough massage. You can remain fully clothed in loose and comfortable clothing during a Thai massage. Our massage therapists will use a sequence of movements similar to yoga-like stretches to work your entire body. You will feel firm pressure all over your body as the massage therapist uses both palms and fingers to make your body more relaxed in about an hour and a half. A Thai massage is quite popular as it improves energy levels, blood circulation, and body flexibility.

Massages we offer:

  •  Full Body Massage
  •  Prenatal Massage
  •  Sports Massage
  •  Deep Tissue Massage
  •  Therapeutic Massage
  •  Thai Massage

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Common Questions

Be well wants all our customers to leave feeling whole. We specialize in prenatal chiropractic care and prenatal massages. Take a break and feel wonderful by the time you leave!

Be well LifeStyle Centers offer special services for auto-accident victims.

Our masseuse will work with your desired massage. Here is a list of some of the message types we offer:

  • Thai massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Reiki massage
  • Sports massage
  • Full body massage
  • And more. . .
When it comes to getting a professional massage therapy, you need to visit the right massage places that will ensure your safety while ensuring you enjoy all the benefits of a full body massage. To get access to the proper massage and spa facilities, don’t be afraid to ask questions on how they will go about the massage and if they are licensed. Having been in operation for years, this massage and spa facility stands out from the others due to its professional setting and attention to detail. You will be leaving here with maximum relief, ready to tackle your daily challenges.

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Almost everyone wouldn’t mind the intense pampering that comes with a full body massage.

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