Elite athletes aren’t the only ones who look for the best ways to improve athletic recovery processes. Recreational sports participants, as well as avid gym-goers, all look for the secrets of sports recovery to get them recuperating faster and back to physical activity quickly with minimal down time. What’s the secret to getting back into the game and the gym faster? If you ask our members, it’s Movology!

The Secret to Improving Sports Recovery

Movology combines all the right techniques to maximize athletic recovery in the shortest period of time. Movologists at Be Well spend extensive time reviewing your medical history, as well as all of the physical issues your body is dealing with in order to develop a customized treatment plan. The secret to improving sports recovery lies in the right combination of various modalities. 


Stretching muscles alleviates tension and stiffness. Stretching is a great way to get rid of pain in the back of the legs, the lower back, and other large muscle groups. Muscles with less pain are more inclined to heal faster, so you can return to athletics sooner.


Reducing muscle soreness and pain is the best tool when it comes to speeding up your athletic recovery. Muscles repair themselves when they aren’t inflamed and stressed! Massage takes the edge off, and helps keep muscles happy, healthy and eager to heal.

Compression Therapy

Cold compression therapy brings rest, ice, compression, and elevation together to minimize pain and inflammation. An added benefit for compression: improved blood circulation. When your blood is pumping through your body at an optimum level, it helps speed up the healing process.

Electric Stimulation

In order to stimulate muscular blood flow, electrical stimulation therapy is your best option. With improved and stronger blood flow, it reduces muscle pain resulting in quicker recovery and rehabilitation after a sports games or intense gym workout.

Maximize Muscle Recovery

Movology gets your body to a certain point, but in order to really maximize muscle recovery and bring your sports recovery to the ultimate level, you also have to continue with a few other remedies and lifestyle modifications.


Eating it before and after a workout, or a game, helps keep muscle fibers healthy and recovering from damage.


If muscles are dehydrated they have a harder time repairing themselves. Always drink your water, of course! However, it’s often not enough to drink water before, during, and after a workout or sports event. IV Therapy Infusions can give your body what it craves and help reduce inflammation throughout your body. 


When your body is deprived of sleep, inflammation increases throughout the body. Inflamed bodies can’t repair muscles and produce hormones that aid muscle growth.

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Improving athletic recovery isn’t easy to do on your own. Movologists can identify the functional movement that works best for you to aid in your athletic recovery, and help reduce the risk of future athletic or sports-related injuries. Want to learn more about improving sports recovery using Movology? Give us a call, or submit your questions online today.

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