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We offer stretching, compression therapy, electric stimulation, exercise, and other modalities to increase functional movement, improve athletic recovery, alleviate pain, and reduce risk of future injury. Your body works hard to support you – give it the care that it deserves so you can continue to perform at your best. 

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Cold compression therapy combines rest, ice, compression, and elevation to reduce pain and inflammation from an injury. Compression therapy can improve blood circulation and speed up the healing process.

Electrical muscle stimulation helps stimulate muscular blood flow, increase strength, and reduce muscle pain. It helps with recovery and rehabilitation after an athletic or sports injury.

Functional movement promotes awareness, balance, and strength throughout the body. It uses corrective exercises that address core weakness, muscle imbalances and asymmetries to strengthen stability muscles. It can help decrease the number of injuries you sustain when training.

Stretching your muscles alleviates pent-up tension and stiffness. Stretching is a great way to get rid of pain in the back of the legs, the lower back, and other large muscle groups. It also increases flexibility and stability to keep you balanced and prevent falls or other injuries.

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