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What can IV Therapy Infusions do?

IV therapy isn’t a new treatment. Most of us are used to IV therapy in the form of saline bags that are most often administered to patients at the hospital. It’s most often used as prevenatitve medicine because it delivers vital hydration, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream.

That’s what makes it so effective.

IV therapy has  benefits and it works quickly to improve the immune system and combat fatigue. It’s also an effective therapy for muscle recovery and has anti-aging properties. 

The safety of our clientele is our utmost priority and we take pride in knowing that our IV therapies are compounded from an FDA-approved outsourcing pharmaceutical facility. 


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What Kind of IV Infusion Do You Need?

When it comes to hydrating your body and delivering specialized nutrition, IV therapy is more effective than taking oral supplements. The vitamins are delivered faster and your body absorbs more of it because it bypasses the stomach and is immediately available to the body’s cells.

IV therapy has been known to boost the immune system, increases energy levels and improves overall wellness but we know it can be hard to figure out which infusion may be the best for you. We can help. Reach out to us and let us know what you’re experiencing so we can guide you.

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IV Therapy Infusions

Intramuscular (IM) Vitamin Injections

There are a few ways to get vitamins into your system but the two most common ways are through oral supplements or intramuscular injections. Oral supplements can take some time until they are absorbed into the system because they need to pass through the digestive tract. And the absorption rates are typically lower with oral medications. In contrast, when vitamins are administered into the muscle through an injection,  they are absorbed into the bloostream at a higher absorption rate than oral supplements. Vitamin injections bypass the GI system, allowing the vitamins to act quickly with maximum absorption.

Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Supports brain cell health & nerve function

Injection Benefits

Boost your energy
Support bone health
Fight fatigue and tiredness
Improve mood and symptoms of depression
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Vitamin D

Contributes to strong bones and a healthy heart

Injection Benefits

Fight infections
Reduce risk of cognitive decline
Strengthen bones and reduce risk of fractures
Improve mood and symptoms of depression
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Frequently Asked Questions

IV stands for intravenous therapy. It is a method of administering fluids to the body by way of the blood vessels. By using IV hydration, all of the administered dose of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, amino acids and fluids are immediately absorbed into the body and provides relief from various ailments.

● The fastest way possible to get essential nutrients into the body
● Helps treat nutrient deficiencies and certain conditions
● Increases circulation and promotes cardiovascular health
● Provides your body with natural energy
● Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation
● Delivers immune-boosting antioxidants
● Cleanses your body of unwanted toxins and free radicals
● One of the best way to cure a hangover
● Accelerates the healing process
● Lessens signs of aging

Drink plenty of water, because it makes locating your veins to administer and increase hydration easier. You may want to bring a good book or headphones to listen to music or a podcast as you experience treatment.

IV therapy poses low risk for side effects. You may experience irritation, inflammation, or bruising of the puncture site. Risks include allergic reactions, but they are rare. Share with your provider any and all pertinent information regarding previous allergic reactions to medications or therapies in the past.

IV vitamin therapy can help treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. It is primarily used to boost the body’s immune response and improve recovery. It may be implemented in treatment plans for autoimmune disorders, congestive heart failure, dehydration, immune deficiencies, infections, and more.

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