Morning Sunshine Smoothie

There is nothing more refreshing than stopping in at our Wellness Cafe after a session at Be Well Lifestyle Center. The Wellness Cafe has plenty of delicious and healthy options including smoothies, bowls, wraps, and more. One of our favorite smoothies is the Morning Sunshine smoothie. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and benefits of our Morning Sunshine smoothie!


Carrots are a good source for fiber, potassium, vitamin K1, and beta carotene. Additionally, they are effective for weight loss and improving eye health.


Turmeric is cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory, and helps fight joint pain. This tasty space also assists with healthier skin.


Lemons are a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Also, lemons reduce risk of heart disease, kidney stones, and more.


Ginger prevents infection, fights nausea, and lowers cholesterol. Essentially, ginger is helpful in a number of areas including aiding digestion.


An excellent source of potassium, rich in fiber and antioxidants, bananas are a healthy addition to many smoothies including our Morning Sunshine recipe. Furthermore, they taste great, especially combined with everything else!


Pineapples are highly rich in vitamin C and manganese. Plus, they give this smoothie a sweet and delicious taste.

Almond Mylk

Almond mylk is a great non-dairy option for smoothies. It is low in calories and sugar. Additionally, it’s a great source of calcium. 

Finally, they are blended up and served to perfection. Each ingredient is carefully selected to give you a healthy, balanced, and delicious beverage. 

Be Well Inside & Out

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