Sciatica Nerve Pain 

The sciatic nerve runs down the lower back, through your hips, and down each leg. Sciatica is a set of symptoms that is caused when something irritates, inflames, or damages this nerve. Most often, a herniated disc causes sciatica. Here are the sciatica nerve pain symptoms and how to treat them.


Sciatica nerve pain symptoms primarily affect the lower back. If you are experiencing pain that starts at the lower spine, branches down the buttock and into your leg, this is the most clear sign that you have sciatica. This pain can spread and affect anywhere along the sciatica nerve.

The intensity of the pain ranges from mild to severe. Many who experience sciatica nerve pain symptoms describe the sensation as a burning, or even similar to being shocked with electricity. This pain is often amplified during movement as well. Numbness is often accompanied during sciatica. At times, it can even cause loss of movement. 


Sciatica nerve pain symptoms are often very painful. Luckily, there are treatments that will help greatly to alleviate this pain. 

First off, ice and heat packs are incredibly useful. Start with ice packs and apply them to the affected area for twenty minutes at a time. Do this several times throughout the day. After a few days, switch to a heat pack and do the same thing. Once you’ve done this for a few days, use whichever pack relieves pain the most for you.

Physical therapy with expert care is also highly effective. A physical therapist will help create a regiment of exercises, stretches, and care to improve your movement and alleviate pain. Their expert care will also help prevent further sciatica injury. 

Finally, chiropractic care can alleviate sciatica nerve pain symptoms. Using massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments, an expert chiropractor can kickstart the healing process of your sciatica nerve. This is proven effective for reducing pain and improving mobility. 

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