Mobility vs. Flexibility

When it comes to mobility vs. flexibility, these terms often get used interchangeably. While related, they actually mean two different things. This quick guide will help you understand their differences and what you can do to improve both. 


First, let’s take a look at flexibility. Flexibility is a smaller part of what makes up mobility as a whole. Essentially, flexibility is a passive ability of your muscles. It refers to the range of motions your body is able to make. The more flexible you are, the wider range of motions you can make and the farther your muscles can stretch. 

Instead of focusing on your muscles, mobility relates to your joints. Mobility is your active ability for your joints to move freely and without discomfort or pain. Your muscles themselves may be flexible, but mobility is what makes movement possible in the first place.

How To Improve Both

When it comes to mobility vs. flexibility, both are important. You can improve both your mobility and flexibility by completing thorough stretches before physical activity. These stretches should cover each major muscle and joint of your body. 


While using one hand on a wall for balance, lift your feet into a tip-toe position, then rock backwards onto your heels to lift your toes off the ground. This stretches the ankles and improves balance.


With your feet hip-width apart, lift your knee to your chest. Make a circle, then place your foot back down. Repeat with your other knee, and complete this set ten times.


While laying on your side, bring your knees and hips to 90 degrees. Then, straighten the bottom leg. Extend and stack your arms at shoulder-length. Lift and rotate your top arm, opening your chest to face upwards. Hold this pose for a few seconds, then repeat this stretch on the other side. 


Using a broomstick or light bar, lift it over your head. Then, move it as far behind your head as you are comfortably able. Move back to the beginning position and repeat five times.


Gently complete half circles with your neck by tilting to one side, down towards your chest, and then to the other side. Stretch your neck muscles to the degree you are comfortable without causing any pain. 

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