Knowing The Differences

While chiropractors and physical therapists often treat similar symptoms and conditions, there are major differences between these two practices. Both practices offer unique methodology on a patient’s road to recovery. In fact, both are safe and incredibly effective. With that said, here are the differences regarding physical therapy vs. a chiropractor.

Physical Therapy

First off, physical therapy is actually an umbrella term that covers many different treatments and specialties. To start, physical therapists are most focused on how the body’s ability to move easily and without pain or stress. With that said, the many specialties of physical therapy can include sports injuries, or focusing on specific age groups. Physical therapists offer both hands-on treatment, as well as assigning exercises, stretches, and education tips to achieve maximum potential for a patient’s movement. 

Chiropractic Care

On the other hand, a chiropractor focuses on proper alignment of the spine and reducing pain. Moreover, a chiropractor is specifically a hands-on treatment. By adjusting the body with specific hands-on care, it allows the body to more easily heal on its own. Chiropractic care is often used for neck, back, and joint pain.


To conclude, both physical therapy and chiropractic care are highly effective, safe, and important treatments. When it comes to physical therapy vs. a chiropractor, physical therapy is more so focused on treating the body’s movement. Also, it can include both hands-on and personal treatment. Chiropractic care instead focuses on aligning the body with hands-on care only to specifically reduce pain. In the end, physical therapy vs a chiropractor are both important and efficient practices with many benefits. In fact, many patients consistently use both practices to achieve their own maximum health and wellness.

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