Sports. When we play them, or participate in them, we measure our athletic performance by our skill level, our strength, our endurance, and of course, our recovery. So how can an athlete enhance sports performance? By focusing their attention on specific things aimed at improving their overall conditioning so each piece of the puzzle is tended to in the best possible way.

Aspects of Athletic Performance in Sports

What makes up an athlete’s performance? It’s not just about winning in order to show just how well you perform on the sports fields. There’s more than just your skill level on display when competing on a soccer field, football field, tennis court, golf course, or other sports venues. Yes, we cannot deny the importance of skill, but the following three components of athletic performance are equally important.


It’s all about muscle strength! Strength training builds not just muscle, but strong muscle that can improve sports performance. It also improves an athlete’s ability to exercise each day, helping to improve their overall endurance.


One of the hardest parts about sports participation: fatigue and exhaustion. Many athletes, especially natural-born athletes who pick up new skills easily, fail to work on their conditioning. If you aren’t working out each day to build up your ability to perform at a high physical fitness level for extended periods of time, you won’t perform well when pushed a little more during a sports game.


After any sports game, match, or workout – a body has to recover and bounce back. If you don’t restore your body and mind, your body won’t have the ability to perform at its best the next time it’s asked to participate in competitive sports. It won’t even perform well doing day-to-day activities, either.

Functional Exercises Enhances Sports Conditioning for Peak Athletic Performance

When you want to hit a ball harder, run faster on the soccer field, or improve your overall sport performance, Movology is the key! The functional exercises our individualized Movology programs encompass help athletes build up their strength, along with their endurance. 

And, each of the functional movements in an athlete’s custom program help the body recover after it’s been depleted of its power resources following a sports event. Because, no athlete can perform at peak performance without proper recovery. Sleep, hydration, and supplements only get an athlete so far. You also need the best combination of:

  • Stretching
  • Compression Therapy
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • Corrective Exercises

Work with a Movologist to Improve Your Athletic Performance

In order to hone your athletic abilities you and your Movologist will focus on the proper training and functional exercises that best suits your physical body, as well as improve your ability to play your favorite sports at optimal levels with less risk of injury. Give us a call today to learn more about Movology and our processes for customizing the perfect program for you and your sports goals.

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