Spending time playing sports, running a marathon, working out at a local gym, or even an intense Yoga session can really put your body through the ringer. Recovering after taxing physical activity requires more than drinking a few bottles of water and consuming some protein, with a bit of sleep mixed in. Sports recovery often demands a few extra helpers to battle dehydration, muscle fatigue, whole-body inflammation and vitamin depletion. IV Therapy can speed up your recovery and have you bouncing back faster and stronger than your competitors!

Promote Healthy Athletic Recovery

The last thing anyone wants to do is feel like workouts and competitive sports are harming your body, instead of providing health benefits for your heart and body. When you put your body through vigorous activity, it needs time to properly and fully recover

  • Plenty of rest
  • Lots of fluid intake
  • Consuming proper nutrition
  • Some deep tissue massage 

The above actions can assist in your body’s recovery process, and should all be done.

However, sometimes, a healthy athletic recovery requires a bit of a kick-start to move the process along and get you back in action faster! What’s the missing piece that can cut your recovery time down a bit? A little known secret we call IV Therapy Vitamin infusions.

Kick-start Post Workout Recuperation

IV Therapy infusions provide specialized nutrition directly into the bloodstream through IV so your body absorbs it faster, making it instantly available to your body’s cells. Cell repair is essential for a quicker return to the sports arena, gym, or yoga studio. 

IV Therapies Benefit Athletes in a Variety of Ways

High intensity competitive sports, and many workout routines, as well as certain professional trades all deplete the body of hydration and nutrition, and severely affect energy levels. IV therapies can help your body replenish and repair your body quickly, efficiently and effectively.


Many IV therapies are created to specifically replenish fluids, which then enhances muscle recovery using amino acids, dextrose and magnesium. 

Replenish Nutrients

When you eat food, your body absorbs maybe 40 to 60 percent of the nutritional elements of the food (as long as it has some, we eat a lot of empty calories, athlete or not). IV nutrients are absorbed 100 percent and the nutrients are not tainted with garbage ingredients. With proper nutrition, blood flows freely to the stomach during athletic activity which can only benefit the body once the athletic activity ends and recovery begins.

Provides Energy Boost

IV therapies flood the body with hydration and nutrition, which can only result in an energy boost, allowing athletes to maintain higher energy levels for longer periods of time. With this advantage an athlete can perform better for longer, and the recovery time will be reduced as well.

Bounce Back Faster After Athletic Activity with IV Vitamin Therapy

When you want success as an athlete, or in the gym, finding innovative ways to recuperate after strenuous activity allows you to regain peak physical performance and a much faster rate than other athletes, and fellow gym members. In the world of athletics, efficiency and speed for recovery can mean the difference between a win or a loss. Don’t miss out on a safe and effective advantage to your athletic endeavors

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