Sleeping with neck strain is a common problem for many people. Pain can range from sharp, stinging sensations to stiffness and soreness. Moving the head from side to side may also prove difficult and cause extreme discomfort. 

Neck strain is often caused by injuries or sleeping in a harmful position. This leads to trouble sleeping, causing further health issues. Here is how chiropractic care can effectively help alleviate sleeping with neck strain without needing medication or surgery.

Proper Adjustments

If you’ve been sleeping with neck strain, you’ve most likely woken up feeling like your neck is locked in place. Trying to move your head only makes it hurt more. You may have hyperextended the neck muscles, causing them to tear and strain. Muscle tear makes your joints stiff and difficult to move freely.

Chiropractic care uses healthy, safe adjustments to treat the affected muscles and joints. These adjustments and stretches loosen the joints and relax the muscles, helping you regain movement. Realignment of the spine is often necessary to reduce stiffness and relieve tension in the neck. Without proper adjustments, you risk continually sleeping with pain. 

Guided Support 

A chiropractor will also provide preventative care beyond the necessary adjustments your body needs to heal from neck strain. Their guidance will include healthier sleeping positions to use, stretches and exercises to do on your own, and improved posture. 

Insomnia & Sleep Apnea

Sleeping with neck strain may also cause insomnia and sleep apnea. If you’re suffering from these conditions, chiropractic care can help. A chiropractor will work to relax the muscles and relieve tensions so you can rest easier. Chiropractic care also helps promote healthy breathing, allowing you to get better sleep quality.

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