When it comes to physical therapy, there is a common misconception about who can benefit from it. Many people may suspect that physical therapy is only for those recovering from surgery or further along in age. However, PT is incredibly helpful across many demographics and scenarios. Here is a look at who can benefit from physical therapy.

Chronic Pain And Post-Surgery Patients

Are you or do you know someone experiencing chronic pain? Physical therapy is highly effective for pain management. This is especially helpful post-surgery. Therapeutic exercises can reduce or even remove pain completely. Pain-free movement is essential for quality of life, and this applies to people of all ages.

The Injured

Nobody wants to suffer painful injuries. Even at a young age when the body can heal easier, they can be terrible setbacks. Physical therapy identifies weak points in the body to avoid such injuries. By making regimens to strengthen the areas of the body that need improvement, PT can help prevent all kinds of painful injuries.

Avoiding Surgery

While PT is often essential after surgery, it can even prevent surgery from being needed in the first place. By assisting with the healing process, PT can help your body accomplish the healing needed all on its own. 

Stroke Victims

Oftentimes, PT is needed after suffering a stroke. Stokes can affect balance and mobility and cause issues for both the heart and lungs. However, PT helps guide the individual to restore balance and achieve independence for everyday living.

Avoiding Opioids And Medication

It is true that some situations require opioid prescriptions. However, the CDC recommends physical therapy as an alternative to avoid the harmful side effects of opioids. These side effects include depression, addiction, and overdose.


Even athletes that have not experienced an injury can benefit from PT. Athletes aiming to improve their strength, muscles, coordination, circulation, and more can all benefit from PT. Whether sports are a hobby or at a competitive level, PT can benefit athletes of any level.

Age-Related Issues

As we age, health issues can arise. Luckily, PT is incredibly effective at treating these issues such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

Wellness & Health Starts from the Inside Out

At Be Well Lifestyle Centers, we are dedicated to helping you achieve wellness inside and out. Physical therapy is just one of several services we offer that will help you feel better in ways you didn’t know you needed. Are you ready to learn more? Contact us today to schedule a free visit!