Try as we all might, there’s no ignoring all the “new year, new me” resolutions buzzing around social media, and mainstream media. We’re here to help squash the resolutions, and create a much healthier approach to ease into the new year. Chuck the whole resolution concept and focus on a ‘theme’ for the year! 

When we want to truly change a behavior or create a new habit, it takes a substantial amount of time to make the changes so that the changes and habits stick around for the long haul. With a theme, you can create realistic goals towards your chosen theme, and hold yourself accountable with one change at a time. One change at a time is the best way to create a healthier lifestyle you can carry with you for years to come.

Post-Holiday Detoxing

When your theme is improving your health, one of the first steps is detoxing from all the holiday celebrations. Which makes a lot of sense. Cleaning out the body helps your body and mind set itself up for success. Detoxing helps clear out the insides, and with a strong gut and your body’s systems running a bit smoother, it’s the perfect time to mentally prepare for planning and setting realistic health goals for not just your physical well-being, but also your mental well-being.

Our bodies and minds work together and can only benefit from specific, targeted health objectives! So ‘Clean slate it’. And give yourself a little immunity boost now that you’re a clean slate and your body is at its best to absorb all the best things we introduce it to!

IV being administered by a Be Well LifeStyle Centers nurse

Realistic Health Goals You Can Achieve

As you’re detoxing, get your health intentions on paper! But don’t just write down a list of health goals and leave it at that. Be specific and intentional with your goals. Plan these goals out. Map out how: 

  • you’ll achieve the goals
  • create healthier habits
  • change current unhealthy habits


When setting your goals for the year, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can maximize your chances for achieving new habits and changing unhealthy ones, along with any other health goals for your chosen theme for this year.

We're Dedicated to Your Health and Wellness

Since we’re proponents for healthy bodies and minds, we of course want everyone’s theme for the year to be a healthier lifestyle. If this is your theme for this year, or you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle you have already made into a life habit – we’re here to lend a helpful hand and unwavering support. Our passion and purpose is to treat your body from the inside out with revitalizing foods, rejuvenating therapies and massage, along with expert chiropractic care and our popular functional movement program, Movology

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