In a world where modern medicine tells you alternative treatments aren’t helpful, it’s not always easy to seek out options you feel are best for your overall health and wellness. Since so many people aren’t familiar with chiropractic care appointments, it’s probably safe to say most people aren’t sure of how to prepare for a chiropractic adjustment

We’ve “got your back”. (See what we did there?)  

What Should You Do Before Your Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic appointments aren’t all that different from an appointment with your general practitioner. You’ll still have to fill out paperwork before you head to the office, and perhaps even more upon arrival. You might fill out actual paper with a pen, or you’ll have a tablet to submit all your information on. Either way, doctors always need paperwork filled out so try to arrive early! However, it doesn’t end with filling out forms.

Eat a small meal and hydrate before a chiropractic adjustment


Drink Water & Eat a Small Meal

Hydrate! Drink plenty of water. It’s also important to eat before an adjustment, but stick to something small with protein. Staying hydrated and eating keeps your blood pressure from getting too low. During a chiropractic appointment, if your blood pressure is low, you might feel more sensitive to many of the spinal manipulations performed.

Insurance Cards & Medical Records

Many chiropractors accept major medical insurance, so your insurance cards are important to bring with you for your appointments. Even more important? Medical records. Even if you don’t think the medical records will help with your chiropractic care, let your chiropractor look through everything. 

Most doctors will send over your records before your appointment as long as you and the office staff request it before your appointment. But, some medical doctors might charge a fee if you ask for copies to hand to the doctor yourself. Definitely ask the office personnel at your new chiropractor the best way to get your medical records in their hands.

Come Prepared

Your chiropractor will ask a lot of questions before they start your exam. After chatting with you, they’ll send you for xrays and perhaps an MRI depending on the information you share with them.

Before your appointment, take note of your: 

The more you share with us, the better your care will be.  The treatments to be more successful.

Dress for Success

A successful experience at the chiropractor requires the right clothing. Dress comfortably, and in loose-fitting clothes. The more you can move around without feeling restricted, the better the experience will be. See below for more ideas about how you can dress for a successful chiropractic experience.

Dressing for Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractors don’t need you to dress up for your appointment. Suits and ties just won’t work, nor will skirts, dresses, or high heels! There’s plenty of people who book a chiropractor appointment during a long lunch, or right after work. If that’s the case, be sure to stash loose-fitting clothing in your car or a day bag so you can do a quick change before heading into your appointment.

Yoga pants, loose shorts, leggings that have a lot of stretch to them, and loose shirts are perfect for an appointment with your chiropractor. It allows them to move you into the necessary (and sure, awkward) positions to provide your spine with the best care.

Jewelry gets tangled up in clothes. You’re going to be moved around a lot, and your doctor doesn’t want to risk getting wrapped up in your jewelry. They could break it, or worse, hurt you in some way.

Chiropractic sessions are hands-on. Thick material and layers of clothing make it hard to do adjustments. Stick to thinner, not just loosely fitting, materials.

Spine Health is the Key to a Healthy Body and Mind

A healthy spine is one of the many ways you can create a healthier life. A correctly aligned spine can reduce inflammation throughout your entire body, resulting in less pain, and discomfort. It can also improve your sleep quality, allowing your body the time to heal from the daily grind, and this can mean an increase in your mental clarity. A strong mind allows you to handle life stressors, and help you adjust to unexpected changes.

Here’s to a healthy spine and a healthy life! 

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