Treat Yourself, you can't help anyone until you help yourself


Relax and relieve stress, muscle tension, circulation, and energy flow.One of our seasoned massage therapists can assist in meeting your needs. We specialize in therapeutic, sports, deep tissue, thai, and prenatal massage.


Our chiropractor, Dr. Silvio Cozzetto, uses natural and conservative care. He focuses on treating the biomechanics and structure of the spine and extremities while improving function of the nervous system and promoting overall health.


This ancient Chinese practice encourages the body to promote natural healing, improve function, and influence the body's own internal regulating system.

Physical Therapy

Our caring and compassionate hands on approach promotes rapid healing from injuries and strengthens athletic potential. Our Physical Therapy team will help you heal and achieve your goals through specialized treatment.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Gentle irrigation of the large intestine promotes proper colon health and function. Colon hydrotherapy assists in the elimination of stagnant toxins and waste and promotes weight loss.

Nutritional Lifestylist

From the expert on nutrition to the beginner starting out, our Nutritional Lifestylist will support and guide you along your individual health, weight loss, fitness goals, and more. We can further help you with our personal trainers and custom cleanses designed for you.


Our gym is designed by expert doctors, physical therapists, and world renowned trainers for injury prevention as well as injury rehabilitation. We specialize in sport specific personal training, general training for proper technique, body balancing and alignment, and physical therapy.