Our bodies were never meant to sit behind a computer screen for eight hours each and every day. It was designed to move, and move often. The human body used to work in the fields, and it used to build all kinds of things without machines to help. And when it was injured or tired, humans rested and healed. 

Moving bodies are healthier bodies. However, some of us need a little help to get our bodies moving correctly, and in a way that fully benefits all aspects of our overall health and wellness. Movology is the perfect way to get a relatively unhealthy sedentary body into a healthier active body by combining functional movement therapy and mobility exercises.

Spine Support

At Be Well LifeStyle Centers, we’re known to help people get their spines aligned. However, an aligned spine may not be enough to get a body moving in a healthy and stable direction. We know that chiropractic care can improve your overall health but it’s not meant to strengthen your core. Incorporating strength training, along with working on flexibility and improving the strength of your core, all provide spine support for your aligned spine. When combined together with chiropractic care, all of these pieces dramatically improve the body’s ability to move without pain. 

So, where do you start? First, let’s unpack what Movology means and what it can do for you.

What is Movology?

Be Well LifeStyle Centers created a program that incorporates strength, stretching, mobility exercises and elements of physical therapy to customize a course of action for you that addresses your health and physical challenges. It focuses on improving core strength to increase functional movement without pain. We recognized there was a gap in how the body’s stability was addressed and created Movology to address individual physical needs. Since everyone’s physical stability needs are different, Movology is an individualized mobility solution meant to treat physical issues and remove an individual’s physical challenges.

Movologist practicing functional movement on a client

Strength Training for Functional Mobility

It seems like strength training is all gyms focus on. It’s not surprising, as it helps tone and define muscles from your neck down to your ankles. A toned and defined six pack seems to be everyone’s end-game. However, strength training isn’t just about “looking good” for the beach, or for Instagram. Strength training protects bone health and lean muscle mass, so as you age your bones, joints, and muscles remain as healthy as possible and allows you to continue moving your body free of chronic aches and pains.

It’s also one of the best ways to help your body burn calories, helping you maintain a healthy weight as you get older. Less body fat means your body has more lean muscle tissue, and let’s face it, lean tissue is active – and that active tissue is always working in your favor to keep you lean and mean and in fighting shape to take on your daily activities!

Strong, lean muscles also improve your balance, coordination, and your posture – which means it’s helping maintain your spine health, too. Simply put when your body is strong, it’ll move more often and with ease, regardless of how many rotations around the sun you have under your belt.

Core Strength

Building Core Strength

Without core strength, your joints take a huge hit. We hear trainers at gyms, or on our Pelatons, telling us cardiovascular health is important, but so is a strong core. What is this core? Where is it, how does improving my core strength really help my overall well-being? Sounds like another buzzword to get my money. It really isn’t a buzzword. It’s a real thing, and we want to make sure we help everyone improve their cores.

Your core is a set of muscles that help stabilize and control your pelvis, along with your spine. When your core is strong it helps maintain your body’s ideal posture – whether standing, sitting, or walking. When your body’s muscles are strong enough to influence your legs and upper body, your joints aren’t stuck carrying the brunt of the workload. Happy joints means your movements will be easier to execute without chronic joint pain.

And what happens when your body isn’t in constant and debilitating pain? You move more. You enjoy physical activity more. Your kids want to shoot hoops in the driveway, you’re in even after a long traffic-filled commute home. Grandkids want to take a hike at the park close to where you live? Absolutely, let’s pack a healthy lunch to enjoy during the hike! 

A body that moves free of pain is exactly what we strive for each of our patients, so they can all thrive instead of just surviving every day.

Movology & Functional Movement is Our Specialty

Movology starts with a consultation. Our team evaluates your physical challenges, along with your lifestyle and eating habits. We want to know what your goals and daily struggles are. 

We know stretching, exercising, and just the act of moving can seem daunting to think about when you live in pain after a short workout session, or even a short walk around the block. A completely custom Movology program doesn’t have to send shivers up your spine. Give us a call today to learn more about Movology, and set up an appointment for an evaluation so we can improve your mobility as a team.

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