Are you experiencing muscle soreness and joint pain? Muscle fatigue and joint pain are often the results of a rigorous workout schedule. The best way to promote healing from injuries and alleviate chronic pain is to incorporate sports massages into your fitness or training program. Sports massage can also reduce muscle inflammation, allow for better sleep and lessen stress or anxiety. If you require preparing your muscle tissue before a game or flush the system after an activity, we can provide the right session for you. Whatever the case, you can customize a massage session specifically for you. Learn more about how you can improve athletic performance with sports massage! 

Reduced Muscle Pain and Fatigue

Muscle pain and fatigue are inevitable when a new training schedule is adopted or increased workouts. Your body can tell that the intensity of the exercise has increased, so the muscles respond accordingly. When the muscles work harder, toxins are released into the tissue. If left untreated, then the tissue will become damaged over time. Of course, when an athlete is stiff due to an injury, they will not be performing at their peak. Regular sports massages will reduce muscle pain by stripping the muscle of toxins. 

Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion

In addition to less muscle pain, sports massage helps promote flexibility by stretching the muscle fibers. When the body moves appropriately, an athlete can perform more efficiently. When muscles do not move properly, the fibers adhere together and create knots, ultimately restricting the motion range. With regular massage therapy, you will notice that both range of motion and muscle flexibility will improve. 

Relaxation and Rest

One of the most apparent benefits of a sports massage is that you will feel complete relaxation afterward. When your body is relaxed, you will have a stress-free mind. This peaceful feeling can be energizing as well as boost the ability to focus. Additionally, a relaxed body will result in better sleep quality, allowing the body to heal during restorative sleep periods.  

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Lastly, a sports massage will help enhance an athlete’s performance, physically and mentally. Many athletes report feeling more relaxed and an improved range of motion after a massage session—all in all, aiding them to focus better and achieve their athletic goals. 

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