Protein Powder

If you are trying to hit your daily levels of protein, knowing how to use protein powder is incredibly helpful. It’s one of the most versatile supplements and can be added to all sorts of beverages and smoothies. However, simply piling on scoops of protein powder to everything is not the correct way to use it. With that said, here is our quick guide on how to use healthy protein powder.


First off, it is absolutely crucial to remember that protein powder is supplemental. Essentially, this means it is under no circumstances supposed to be used as a meal replacement. Protein shakes are great, but they cannot replace balanced, nutritional meals. Remember, protein powder is an extra tool to help you reach your protein goals but never the main source.

Don’t Overdo It 

When learning how to use healthy protein powder, it’s important not to overdo it. If you’re already consuming high-protein foods and meals, you don’t need to keep adding protein powder to your diet. In fact, you’re just adding extra calories at that point that don’t actually offer nutritional benefit. You typically only need one or two scoops of protein powder, which should be around 25 or 50 grams. That way, you are only filling in the cracks of what you need for your daily intake instead of going overboard.

Mix It Up

Protein powder doesn’t just have to be added to shakes or smoothies. Alternatively, you should mix up the types of foods and drinks you add protein powder to. This allows you to get a variety of nutrition instead of just milk and whatever you add to your shakes. Some other foods include soups, oatmeal, and pancakes


Finally, the best time to take your protein powder is within an hour after your workout. This window of time is perfect for helping your body recover after your workout. Basically, this allows the protein powder to be at its most useful.

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