Explore 7 Tangible Benefits of a Massage

Explore 7 Tangible Benefits of a Massage 

That sense of euphoria at the end of a great massage is arguably one of the best feelings. Even though most seek the services of a massage therapist for pain relief and relaxation reasons, there are also a number of additional benefits to the therapy, which we will explore in just a minute.   

In history, massages have been considered a luxury; an upscale experience that only the wealthy club members and spa-goers are privy to. Thankfully, none of that stands today. Massage therapy is accessible to anyone who needs it, meaning everyone can potentially reap the health benefits that come with it. 

Some health and wellness centers, such as Be Well Lifestyle Centers, even accept insurance that will pay for massage therapy as part of your annual insurance plan. 

There are a variety of massages, but the most common ones include:

Sweedish Massage: typically what you’d think of as a relaxation massage, a therapist will use less pressure and methods of kneading your tissue in circles as well as longer strokes. When you leave this massage, you will most likely feel relaxed and energized. 

Deep Tissue Massage: if you are aiming for pain relief, deep tissue massages are a common choice. By applying pressure to the points of pain, your therapist is able to release toxins and lactic acid that builds up over time. Stress, both internally and externally, and strain of muscles or tendons are a common cause of this.  

Thai Massage: these can be rougher than other traditional massages. Usually, a Thai massage therapist will utilize their hands, elbows, forearms, and even their knees or feet to perform the massage. 

Point Massages: as an effective solution for tight muscles, point massages help with sports-related injuries or strenuous overuse.

Now that you are more aware of common types of massages, let’s go beneath the skin of why massages are beneficial for you.

What are the Benefits to Massage Therapy?

You might know some of the positive effects that come with getting a massage, but others may have eluded you up to this point. We have compiled a list of seven of the most common benefits that come with getting a massage. Some patients may only experience a few of these, while some experience all of them and more. Depending on how you like your massages, the results will vary for everyone.

Massages have the potential to:

1. Promote Relaxation and Stress Relief

By enjoying a massage, most of us understand that (if it was a good one) you will leave feeling more relaxed than when you entered the spa or center. It’s self-care at it’s finest. 

2. Reduce Pain

Perhaps the most common reason to book a massage is when you experience tension or tightness in your muscles. This pain can be anywhere throughout your body and can range in pain levels from manageable to unbearable. There are great massage therapy techniques for all of it. 

3. Flush Out Toxins

The tension you feel in your muscles is caused by a buildup of lactic acid and toxins that your body produces when it is overworked or under stress. By massaging this tension, these toxins are broken up and can be flushed out of your body with lots of fluids. 

4. Improve Circulation

Massages also get your blood moving around. When someone is pushing and pulling and kneading your body, it inspires blood flow to improve naturally. This is good for people who experience poor circulation throughout their bodies.

5. Increase Flexibility

By massaging your muscles and relieving tension and tightness, this warms your muscles up and promotes flexibility due to the more relaxed state of the muscles.

6. Boost Immune System

Massage therapy also stimulates your body to produce lymph nodes, which aid your defense system in fighting off infections and viruses. 

7. Improve Sleep and Reduces Fatigue

If you are more relaxed and your muscles are loose, you have a greater chance of getting a good night’s sleep. Massages also are natural mood boosters and will reduce fatigue because you will be sleeping sounder. 

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

To optimize your health and promote all of the benefits we just discussed, experts recommend that you see a massage therapist at least once, if not twice a month. If you would like a more detailed plan of how massages can help you experience less pain over time or improve your overall health, talk to a licensed massage therapist, like those at Be Well Lifestyle Centers. 

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Silvio Cozzetto
Silvio Cozzetto