Did you know that approximately 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor each year? Suppose you are already seeing a physical therapist restore your functional potential. In that case, you may not realize how chiropractic care can also be integrated into the same treatment plan for optimum results. While our physical therapists focus on reducing your pain and increasing your mobility, chiropractic care to restore spinal alignment and uninterrupted nerve flow to the rest of your body will enhance your overall health. Here are some of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. 

What does a Chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is extensively trained in adjusting the spine and extremity joints with manipulation and mobilization techniques. A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure in which trained specialists (chiropractors) use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. The goal of this procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve spinal motion and improve your body’s physical function.

While some may think you need to be in pain or suffering from a particular condition to benefit from chiropractic care, being proactive in maintaining a healthy spine for preventative measures can be even more valuable to your lifestyle.

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Pain Management

Besides the apparent pain reduction in the back, chiropractic care also helps to eliminate pain in other areas of the body. When the spine is aligned correctly, it reduces pain from top to bottom. This means that the lower back up to the neck experiences a reduction in the amount of pain felt. Other areas that benefit from this are the head (headaches), joints, and shoulders.

Improved Balance

Balance seems to be something we lose over time. Whether we lose it due to inactivity or to general aging, we gradually lose our ability to balance. Chiropractic care helps to restore that balance. Since chiropractic care stems from the spine, getting the spine in proper alignment gives you better posture and a stronger skeletal structure. Both of these aid in your body’s ability to balance, meaning that after a series of appointments, you may find yourself with more balance than you’ve had in years.

Increased Flexibility

A greater range of motion is something that almost all chiropractic patients eventually experience. Getting everything in proper alignment makes it easier to move the body. With less pain, you can stretch further and move more freely. The range of motion can be felt in the neck, shoulders, knees, hips, and pretty much all over!

Utilize Chiropractic Care for your Benefit

Using preventative measures like chiropractic care may help your body in multiple ways. Not only is it great for preventing injury and sickness, but it may also promote healing. To see a chiropractor, look no further! Here at Be Well Lifestyle Centers, we offer chiropractic care and massage therapy for those in need of it. Contact us today to learn more!